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My virtual Desktop Experiance Using NoMachines NX Client Application

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A few days ago I was asking around about Linux Mint and Scott Dowdle offered to create a virtual desktop of Linux Mint 10 using NoMachine’s NX software. In return I was to post about my experience. That is what I am attempting to do now.

Video: Virgin America on Selling Value of Open Source

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OK, this is another great video I found. This one is how the airline Virgin America has deployed Open Source software throughout their operation instead of all the vendor solutions their competitors keep using. I believe it's only 24 minutes long so pretty quick to view.

One of the things that struck me about this presentation, was the excitement of the presenter. He seemed truly excited to be at LinuxCon telling / showing developers how his company was using their hard work.

Video: The Linux Foundation - Imagine if Software was like a car!

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This is a quick video from The Linux Foundation. It is just a little over one minute long and compares Operating Systems to cars.

Rethinking my beef with proprietary software

When I wrote my previous post titled "Why I Use Ubuntu", I made a statement that after some reflection I feel is just plain wrong and to be honest, does not make much sense. Although I appreciate all of you not pouncing on it, it has started to bug me and the more I thought about the more I realized just how dumb it read.

"My beef is not with proprietary software as much as it is with outrageous pricing and no access to the code to make it work for you."

An Application Dock for Linux

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I am a PC, Mac, and Linux user. At night I dual boot between Vista and Ubuntu and during the day I use a Mac almost exclusively. As a result, there are many things I like about using my Mac at work and would not mind seeing them on my home desktop. Since buying a Mac right now for personal use is out of the question I have to make do with what I already have. At any rate, one of the Mac features I actually like is the Dock.

Why I Use Ubuntu


If you are reading this it is because I finally got around to taking Scott up on his request for Ubuntu content. I am not a well versed Linux user and over the years have had a love/hate relationship with Linux and the open source community. My beef is not with proprietary software as much as it is with outrageous pricing and no access to the code to make it work for you. I don’t believe Microsoft or Apple are 100% evil nor do I think that Linux or open source are always the best solution for the job - nor do I think Microsoft or Apple are always the best solution.

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