January BozemanLUG Meeting

Jan 28 2010 - 7:00pm
Jan 28 2010 - 9:00pm

Topic: SELinux Demystified by Scott Dowdle

Learn the basics of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux).

  • What is SELinux?
  • Why use SELinux?
  • File system labelling
  • Common SELinux tools
  • Bending SELinux to your will

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configuring wireless NIC on Slackware LINUX

Ok, I'm new to LINUX, but know UNIX quit well from a developers perspective in the cellular/telecommunications world.

I'm trying to configure wireless on my gateway/intel laptop (slackware linux rel 13).
( linux

From the reading I've done on the internet here's
the procedure I've come up.

1) First make sure the kernal supports the wireless card. Using "lsmod" shows some intel
stuff, but I'm not sure the name of the module
for "INTEL's WiFi Link 5100 wireless card", however, I continue...

Next I check some of the settings on my ACTIONTEC/DSL wireless box. I have everything turned off, it's wide open( no WEP, or password). So all I need to do is setup ESSID, CHANNEL and start up the wlan0 interface.

Since "iwlist wlan0 scan" sees cells out there, I'm assuming this the kernal has the right module.

Here's the commands I ran:

# configure the wlan ESSID & CHANNEL
/usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 essid ACTIONTEC
/usr/sbin/iwconfig wlan0 channel 1

# start the wlan0 interface
/etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 wlan0_start

Then I execute the following cmds to check out
the wlan0 operation.

#iwlist wlan0 scan

"iwlist" reports seeing two CELL's in my
neighborhood. One is my ACTIONTEC the other is
the sunrise campground across the street.

#ifconfig -a reports that the wlan0 interface
is "UP and shows packets RX/TX. It also shows
wlan0 has been assigned an IP via DHCP ( which
was turned on via the rc.inet1.conf file)

#iwconfig shows ESSID="ACTIONTEC", but I don't
see a channel associated with it? I'm not sure if
that is needed.

I try and ping addresses out on the internet
and it just says "unknown host".

What is missing here? What other cmds can be used
to display interesting data?


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Not quite the place but here's some help...


Adding a comment to the meeting announcement wasn't quite the place to ask for help with something so I emailed you (the address you entered anyway, not sure if it works) with info about the mailing list, posted it to the mailing list, and got a few replies.


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