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Thursday, April 26, 2012
Start: 7:00 pm
End: 9:00 pm

Presenter: Scott Dowdle


  • What's new in GIMP 2.8
  • Intro to Krita 2.4
  • Using a high resolution input device with pressure sensitivity

GIMP 2.8 is just around the corner. We'll have a look at several of the new features in GIMP 2.8 including the "Single Window" mode it offers.

Calligra (a fork of Koffice like LibreOffice is a fork of recently released version 2.4 of all of their applications including Krita. Krita is an often overlooked bitmap image editing program especially well suited to original art composition. We'll take a look at Krita 2.4 using a VisTablet for input.

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