Fedora 14 Coming Soon


Fedora 14 WallpaperFedora 14 WallpaperThe Fedora 14 RC1 build passed QA and it is a go. Fedora 14 will be released on schedule on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, which many of us know as "voting day".

I've been following the development and building my MontanaLinux remix every so often, usually after a bunch of updates. All in all, I'm pretty impressed with the release.

Getting It

If you know where to find the RC1 release, which is freely available, that is the final release (to the best of my knowledge). So if you want Fedora 14 early, download that. I did, although I'm mainly using my remix.

I started using Fedora 14 on my netbook, home desktop and work desktop shortly after the beta came out and I haven't had any significant problems. Well, I did report a bug against the kernel because my netbook sometimes doesn't have sound after a resume from sleep. Other than that, everything has worked fine on the variety of hardware I've tried it on.

I do prefer clean installs and have not done an upgrade from previous Fedora releases... so I can't tell you how that might go.

Fit PC2Fit PC2Works on fit PC2

One piece of hardware I was keen to try Fedora 14 on is the fit PC2. The fit PC2 is a tiny little computer that has an Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz CPU and a painful chipset called Poulsbo aka Intel GMA500. I bought the machine pre-loaded with Ubuntu 9.10 on it. Don't let them fool you though, it is NOT stock Ubuntu as the fit PC2 has its own custom kernel repository that includes a closed source Poulsbo driver. If you try stock Ubuntu, it isn't going to work. If you want to upgrade the kernel to a newer stock Ubuntu kernel, it isn't going to work.

In the past I tried Fedora 12 and Fedora 13 on it but they absolutely hated the Poulsbo video chipset and refused to boot.

With Fedora 14 that is no longer the case. It boots fine and the video works. The video refresh is still pretty choppy with both Ubuntu and Fedora and does not provide any accelerated 3D. All of the hardware works in Fedora 14 to the best of my knowledge except I haven't tried to use the wireless yet.

I booted from MontanaLinux LiveUSB media and did an install to the 160GB hard drive and it seems to be working fine. I haven't been running it very long so perhaps I should wait before I proclaim it to be stable.