Screencast: How to Build a Fedora 10 Remix

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I made a two-part screencast on how to build a Fedora Linux remix. The first video has some slides at the beginning that explains the process and then walks through it with a live demo. The second video boots the LiveDVD that was created, shows an "Install to Hard Drive" and then shows some of the features of the remix.

Why would you want to make a remix? Two common reasons:

1) You want updated install media that has all of the updates already applied. Given the fact that Fedora has a lot of package churn and a constant stream of security fixes, bug fixes and feature enhancement updates, their install media gets out of date pretty quickly. That is especially the case if you want to use an .iso image of the LiveCD media to make a LiveUSB out of.

2) You want more software included on the Live media than Fedora provides. The Fedora folks usually fill up a single CD but how about a LiveDVD with additional desktop environments, a slew of window managers, a ton of application software, and multimedia apps that Fedora won't include in the distro? That's what I make during the screencast... a custom LiveDVD with all of the updates applied and all of the additional software I want in a LiveDVD with a painless, quick install-to-hard-drive if desired.

Here is the end result. I boot the the LiveDVD image and even do an install.

You can find the full-quality Ogg Theora videos here (Right-click, Save Link As..):
fedora-10-remix.ogv (130MB)
fedora-10-remix-boot.ogv (65MB)

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thanks so much for this

thanks so much for this informative article. helped me a lot.

Awesome Video, really enjoy it outstanding work !!!

I'm a RedHat junkie since 5.2, learn Linux with Redhat and become one of the Fedora users since the first core... currently in all my tutorial videos mention my Fedora Core 6 rocks, does everything that I want to do.. currently I'm thinking to move on in the world and upgrade to Fedora 11... this just give me the guidelines to learn more.

Thank you for your excelent video, keep doing the great job.

Best Regards Dinooz

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Fedora lifecycle

Thanks for the kind words Dinooz. I strongly encourage you to try to keep up with Fedora releases... maybe skipping a release now and then if desired. As you are certainly aware, FC6 was End-of-Lifed some time ago.

Great Video

Great I have been looking for that kind of video.

Now, after remixing fedora I'll like to build Linux from scratch .

Thank you very much for your effort.


I will be giving MontanaLinux an install soon, to try it out and see how you did everything. Eventually I will be trying out what you have done in this (brilliant) screencast. How fun! I love these projects! Thanks for taking the time and giving to the community!

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Fedora spin-kickstarts package updated

Just wanted to mention that today (18DEC08), the Fedora project released a whole slew of updates for Fedora 9 and 10 and among those updates was a refreshed spin-kickstarts package. The changelog for the updated package said:

* Sat Dec 13 2008 Jeroen van Meeuwen 0.10.3-3
- Point fedora-live-base.ks repos to f-10
- Remove sysprof from fedora-livedvd-developer.ks
- Latest and final rebuild for Fedora 10

Now it appears that you don't have to comment out the rawhide and Fedora 9 repo references because they have been changed to Fedora 10.

Fedora TV

Good work. You should get it included in Fedora TV

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Re: Fedora 10 Remix ...

Thanks Scott! Done in the true spirit of open source.


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