First episode of Firefly?

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There's some new service named hulu that seems to be backed by the bigwigs in Hollywood or something. Oddly enough, they are allowing for embedding of full episodes on user's websites and this is a test.

I've seen the entire Firefly series (part of a first season that was cut short by cancellation) and it is quite good. Enjoy this first episode.

Maybe they figured out that people sharing video on the Internet is a fantasticly effective form of marketing and is actually good for the industry? Nahhhhhh. Maybe they are trying to build another Youtube but with commercial content... and then gain from online advertising revenue? Maybe they will embed ads in the video content? Maybe they are just trying to draw a bigger audience to shows that are still airing?

What do you think?

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Hulu and internet video

Hi Scott,

Interesting post. Our company (Avail Media) is in the same line of business as Hulu. In fact, there are many competing in this space of "over the top" video. There is Joost, Mira and even Tivo and Netflix are getting more and more involved. Offerings from Digeo and AppleTV promise to bring home theater quality the OTT video experience.

But most importantly, why are they doing it? Simple - advertising dollars. Consumers have shown time and time again they are willing to put up with advertising in order to get the content they want, when they want it, for as little as possible. The TV advertising space boasts revenues upwards of $60 Billion annually - that even gives the like of Google something to think about.

The question is - how does open source community participate? To me, thats simple - its in DRM. Right now the DRM side of the business is all messed up. The world of online video needs the equivalent of SSL - and open standard approach to content protection. The current proprietary standards are either too weak, too costly or to restrictive. Until DRM can become open and pervasive, online video will continue to be a "streaming" application more than a downloaded one, with each content producer providing their own players and rights management - which makes it difficult for the average consumer and definitely slows adoption.

I was hopeful that now almost two years since Sun Microsystems "open sourced" their DRM - called DReaM (available at we would be closer to my Utopian view of DRM. Alas, we are not. So, we'll all have to download the players if we want the content... for each and every site out there with the content.



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Posting question?

Hello Scott,

How do you get the embedded videos to show up in your blog posts? Thanks in advance!


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Secret to embedding HTML code

Change the "Input format" to "Full HTML" (the default is "Filtered HTML") and the HTML you embed for videos doesn't get messed with.

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