Installing Perl Modules the CPAN Way

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I have done this many times following various instructions when installing perl modules but for the most part they all tell you to:

download > extract > cd into extracted dir
perl Makefile.PL
make install

I remember there was an easier way that went out and fulfilled all dependencies but I could never remember because I just followed the README file. Today I read a post where at least a couple folks gave the same instructions I recalled using:

perl -MCPAN -e shell
install modulename

Much easier!

Another poster made another good suggestion of keeping with RPMs. Once you have exhausted you means to find an RPM of the module by using existing repositories either stock for most popular or repos like dag for other minor modules. If you then didn't find your module there and want to continue with RPM you could use cpanflute2 to convert from the CPAN tar files into RPMs. It's in the perl-RPM-Specfile package, which you should be able to install via yum.. However I have not used this and rarely find myself insisting on RPM's in every situation. The only service I see this providing is a quick clean removal if necessary.