Ubuntu 10.10

I picked up Ubuntu 10.10 and found some big surprises.

1. Grub and menu.lst is NOY the default installer. ( I still have not found a way to make it default.)

2. X also is set up differently. xorg.conf no longer controlles XWINDOWS INSTALL ATION. i AM STILL HUNTING FOR THE CONFIGURATION SOLUTION. (How I hate that caps lock button. I know how to turn it off but sometimes forget.

3. I use two monitors side by side. The normal method of setting it up does not work.
The appearance-monitor used to work in setting it up, but now I get the two different screens but the pointer does not work as before. Now I get two pointer and have to hunt for them when trying to use that.

4. I select an application to open up but x automatically puts in in minimize in the application switcher.

Has anyone else encountered these problems with 1`0.10?

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I had ubuntu 10.04 working

I had ubuntu 10.04 working flawlessly with my dual monitor setup and for some odd reason I had an itch to update to 10.10. I had a hell of a time configuring the NVIDIA drivers to get it to work, and when it did it still wasn't performing correctly. I saved 10.04 with remastersys, and downgrading now. I hope I can get my computer back the way it was. If you are using dual monitors and happy with 10.04 I suggest you not upgrade.

Ubuntu 10.10 Usage

You should be aware that 10.10 is an incremental release (not fully baked). The Grub 2 and X are both self-configuring as they were with 10.04 and earlier; You can customize them but you pretty much have to do via the CLI and are scripted in a similar structure. I have stayed with 10.04 due to the multiplicity of issues with 10.10, particularly the Unity netbook implementation and even running the standard GNOME 10.10 on the Netbook was not without its challenges. 10.04 is LTS and has gone through a lot more testing and updating, much more mature and has a 3 year life support cycle. There is a lot to be said for running LTS versions.

On the dual monitor configuration, it is somewhat automated if you have the second monitor plugged in on boot (even with a netbook, awesome, my 1600X900 display on the HDMI Netbook connection). Or you can go into System -> Preferences -> Monitors as mentioned above and manually configure it to your liking, or at least you could with 10.04.

LinuxMint 10 (release version, not release candidate) is suppose to be out in the next week or so and if you really want to use 10.10, you might try that as they seem to a better job of making things work plus including non-0SS packages you otherwise would have to add yourself.

Distro Notes: On my "work" laptop, I have Fedora 13 which I am very pleased and I settled on it because the development environment I wanted only work consistently there. However, on the Netbook side, it wasnt' exactly a screamer. After failing with Unity and 10.10, I decided to try openSUSE 11.3 on the network and was absolutely blown away by its speed on and video resolution on the Dell Mini 10, a real keeper.



Grub 2 replaced Grub in 9.10.

Xorg.conf hasn't been used for longer than that. It was phased out starting with 8.04 and was a goal of Xorg 7.1 . I believe if you make one though, it will use it for configuration.

To configure dual monitors in Ubuntu, you should simply be able to goto System -> Preferences -> Monitors. If you're already seeing a cloned image, Then simply unclick the button labeled "Same Image on all Monitors" , and configure them to your liking.

Of course if you're using NVIDIA or ATI, you can install the proprietary drivers and use their configuration utility. I do recommend this for NVIDIA, as they generally work very well and Linux and are far faster than the OS ones.
ATI on the other hand is hit or miss, and I'd just stick to the default drivers.

Intels drivers are OS and should work well right of the bat.

Ubuntu 10.10

My last Distro was 9.04. No changes there and all else worked fine.
I used the normal method to set up my dual monitors ie..appeaance-monitors and the display that shows both monitors. Of course I whited out the box that mirrors all monitors.

Now I get two different monitors but I must hunt and find the pointers in their monitors.
Hunting and finding the pointer was fun the first few timess but quickly became old.

With an xorg.conf the system will not boot x.

And I think the 10.10 was put out to make it hard for users.

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