A List - Things I want to blog about... Eventually

I just wanted to jot some of these topics down so I could come back to them at some point... because they are all things I've done but haven't really documented well... or things I want or need to learn about.

Perhaps someone will find some of the topics interesting and initiate a fire under me so I'll get to them quicker... or perhaps someone will follow a link or two that is new to them and learn about something before I do... and share what they learn.

You know to click on read more link below for the rest, right?

Things I've done that I should share

  1. How to fix a broken or missing GRUB bootloader on a Linux software-based RAID 1 system... if you can't even boot, what good is RAID 1?
  2. How to do a GUI-based network install (media-less) of CentOS over VNC
  3. How to install Zimbra Collaboration Suite in an OpenVZ VPS
  4. How to install, configure and use Drupal
  5. Using SystemRescueCD, gparted, partimage and partimaged for deployment of Linux and Windows XP Pro (dual-boot or is it duel-boot? he) on a lab full of computers where are the hard drives and partition tables are the same
  6. Using rsync for deployment of Linux on machines with different hard drives sizes and partition tables
  7. Using rsync and rdiff-backup for backups

Things I want or need to learn about

  1. Installing the BackupPC server application and then configuring Linux and Windows clients for automated backup over ssh
  2. Using VMware ESX
  3. Using Virtuozzo
  4. Using KVM on machines with VT hardware in the CPU
  5. Installing Fedora Directory Server and integrating it with Microsoft's Active Directory
  6. Learn Microsoft Windows Administration better so I can help Windows users more

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fj40dan's picture

Very cool stuff...

Very cool topics, I cant wait until you do. All of these I am doing, going to be, toying with, or greatly interested in. By the way, I have a good friend who did OS deployment for northrup grummund. He is primarily sms but also does sms-osd. He did some os deployment of linux/xp combo's for them, if I recall correctly, he was using grub for dos on a first partition. That way he could edit the menu.lst with windows start up scripts. Maybe I can get Rich to post when you start the os deployment topics. It would be cool to see it push the os's pxe/multicast style.

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