I'm not all the way back from vacation yet so be warned.

My name is Gail and I'm an ex windows user! I'm also a web developer, but way out of practice, picking it up again Real Soon Now. Found out about linux after my sister's computer got hacked really bad and I had to clean up the mess. Twice, over the phone. Been using Ubuntu for about 5 months on 3 computers. One dual boot winxp for games. :P

Since looking at forum posts isn't a good way to get tech support or learn the why's/how's, I started looking around Missoula for other users. I found some others through the Ubuntu forums and now we have an MLUG going!

During vacation I fixed sister's computer again, but wiped windows for Feisty! Both of us are Very Happy!

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Help on the forums


Now that you have converted to Linux, you will need to re-think one more thing to really get the most out of your "new" experience. The forums and the help they provide for Linux users, are nothing like trying to get help in Windows. The Linux forums are awesome. You get to deal with people who are really excited about their new OS, and I have yet to find a problem that the online community hasn't been able to help me with.

Things have changed considerably since I first tried out Linux. Back then, the most common comment was "RTFM!!." Nowadays, most posters recognize that this is a totally new experience for Windows converts, and they are very helpful. It's not like trying to find help for Windows where you sometimes have to search for days just to find out that the only help available is from one of M$s paid support sites. But, of course, while having the help of home-grown gurus in a LUG, is the best and most desirable approach to problem solving, it's nice to know that support is always right at your fingertips.

Recovering Windows addict.

Ya, my only complaint is

Ya, my only complaint is that sometimes the documentation is not explained in terms I can understand. :P I'm talking about 'what is program X and why should I use it' kindo f documentation.

Guess that comes with the learning tho :P

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Linux converts


Thanks for the post and hope you can make good use of this site.

I've been trying to convert folks to Linux since 1995 and I have long lost count on how many machines I've done installs on. I'd say about half of my converts went back to Windows after some amount of time. As time went on I became less aggressive about converting people. These days, I only help people who seem to hunt me down for help. :)

Linux has gotten so easy to install that we haven't really had an "installfest" for several years.

I think these days... if someone has no computer experience... learning Linux is just as easy if not more so than Windows. It's the people who have been running Windows for years who have the most problems.

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