What browser do you use?

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Moving along to something completely different, what browser(s) do you use. I have read about the tremendous demands that Firefox makes on the system, and I believe that is why my Linux box seems to bog down when I am browsing about. What are you using? What are your experiences with the various browsers out there.


Chuck McGuire

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Different Browsers and Bookmarks

Seems like some of us change browsers fairly often as I do. Now I wonder.
Is there a simple wasy to change the Bookmarks on one Browser to another?
Seems there should be a script file laying around somewhare????

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I use Safari, FireFox, and IE7. I also like Opera, Epiphany, and Flock. Some websites I use for work require IE7, this bugs me.

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For many years I faithfully stood by the Mozilla Suite all rolled in one. Then along came Firefox and I was a bit reluctant to migrate. I tend to be that way; I get forced to migrate or loose out on updates.

I run into a site this weekend that didn't render worth a damn in anything but IE. This site uses flash pretty heavily. Apparently Konqueror and the latest flash update from last week do not mingle well upon visiting a site with flash. I'm guessing this holds true for Sufari as well but I haven't confirmed this.

Firefox did seem to leak memory pretty fast but it was so short lived that I couldn't confirm that to be the cause of many X crashes I had that day. appears to be the usual. I have not tested Firefox 3 out yet in beta, but I have read reviews suggesting there is a radically newer rendering engine for supposed noticeably faster page draws. If you ever used the search bar autocomplete/autoguess recommends, there will also be similar in 3 that for the address bar not just limited to your own history.

Granted your browser footprint will be based on a number of things you throw at it such as how many tabs, extensive flash page visits, and perhaps java enriched sites if you installed that plugin. Currently my Firefox is using 98MB and running 5 tabs, 13 additional extensions, and one modern theme I prefer. A fresh default browser opens up at 34MB on my system inside VMWare where I have designated it to only use 300MB of the 1GB 3.4GHz XP host.

Have you tried Dillo yet?


Like you, I used Mozilla and then changed to Firefox. I had problems with both, and I don't remember what it was. I have used Epiphany for 2 weeks and it seems to work ok for me.

BTW, the latest Firefox that came down through a UbuntuStudio update about a week ago, has a big problem. It only has about half of the screen showing. Couldn't get it to change.



I use Opera. I've used it on and off for several versions now. Like it, it's gotten a lot better with IE only pages. One bug that I haven't figured out is with Ubuntu 7.10+compiz, flash doesn't work in Opera. Ubuntu 7.10 without compiz, flash works in Opera.

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