OLPC Update - June 2010

A few quick bits of news from the OLPC world.

X0-1.5 - If you didn't know already, the XO-1.5 models are out. In fact I currently have one in my possession but I'm only borrowing it and will be giving it back soon. What's new? Well from the outside you can't tell anything is different because the outside has not changed at all. The insides are completely different with a new motherboard, new CPU, new video chipset, everything. With the new motherboard comes greatly expanded storage for both the firmware and permanent storage. One big change in the software is that now it includes the GNOME desktop and an easy mechanism in the settings to switch back and forth between SUGAR and GNOME.

X0-HS -The X0-HS is the X0-1.5 with a different keyboard for bigger hands. The new keyboard is hard plastic rather than a rubbery membrane. I haven't seen any pictures of the X0-HS yet but as I understand it existing X0-1.5 units can easily be retro-fitted with the HS keyboard. I believe it is also supposed to include a different set of default installed activities... ones that would appeal to an older crowd.

Watching TV? - This video speaks for itself but you can find the activity site here. I assume the content is delivered over the network:

Upcoming X0-3 - Just in case you were wonder what future hardware the OLPC folks were working on, check out this youtube video.