FOSS Bookkeeper Wanted for Gnucash in Law Office

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FOSS bookkeeper wanted for busy solo practice law office running gnucash on ubuntu 7.04. VPN option available. Knowledge of gnucash template editing and other tweaks more helpful than bookeeping knowledge though both are needed. Compensation competitive for independent contractor or employee status or service trade. Contact Monte at mjewell[at]openmissoula.org.

I took the plunge


After last night's Bozeman LUG meeting, I decided to take the plunge and install Ubuntu on my newly (more or less) built AMD dual core machine. It was really rather anti-climactic. It installed itself, everything worked, no problem. I sniffed around a little and got my printer hooked up through the network and the existing windows box. No command line, no profanity, no bloodshed. Ubuntu loaded the NVIDIA drivers with the usual disclaimer about proprietary software and put them to work. Who says that Linux isn't ready for the desktop? Now to learn about VMWare....

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