Needing Help with Nvidia Drivers for ubuntu

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Hey Guys,

My name is Duane, I'm new to the whole linux, ubuntu, working with my hardware stuff. I have a laptop with Nvidia video card. I'm looking for any drivers so that it will work to it's full potential. the hardware driver gives me the driver 173 and 177 but neither seem to want to install properly. so please


Duane a.k.a. Ghost_Dragon
Kalispell, mt

I took the plunge


After last night's Bozeman LUG meeting, I decided to take the plunge and install Ubuntu on my newly (more or less) built AMD dual core machine. It was really rather anti-climactic. It installed itself, everything worked, no problem. I sniffed around a little and got my printer hooked up through the network and the existing windows box. No command line, no profanity, no bloodshed. Ubuntu loaded the NVIDIA drivers with the usual disclaimer about proprietary software and put them to work. Who says that Linux isn't ready for the desktop? Now to learn about VMWare....

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