Montana LinuxFest: Organizational reboot

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Larry (The Free Software Guy) Cafiero emailed the following today. As you may recall he is one of the organizers of SCALE who is helping us organize a Montana LinuxFest.

Hi, all --

After a discussion this afternoon on #ubuntu-montana, I proposed that we'd "reboot" the organizational side of Montana Linux Fest in order to get going again.

So this is it; the second "first" e-mail to get things rolling. Forgive me for letting any momentum we gained after Linux Fest Northwest slow down -- I take responsibility for this and hope we can get things rolling and keep it going until May.

But we're going to have to start from square one again, and please bear with me if these are pretty obvious questions and statements.

There was mention on the list of how this should be organized, and who should do what, etc. We'll get to that in a minute. What I need to know from those on this mailing -- and if you wish to put this on the Bozeman or Billings LUG lists, I'm OK with that -- is where we stand now.

When we left things, I think we had Billings in mind as a site. Is this still the case? If so, was there a particular facility in mind?

We are still looking at May, after Linux Fest Northwest and before Texas Linux Fest in June/July, correct?

As for an organizational set up, there should be committees (even if they are committees of 1 or 2) with responsibilities going forward: Technical committee, publicity committee, site committee, etc., each with responsibilities. For example, Tech would have responsibility for the networking and a/v aspect; publicity is fairly self explanatory, but could include assisting in getting folks invited to speak at the fest; site committee would be responsible for organizing the exhibit hall.

There are probably others, and I'm hoping Ilan, who has much more experience in this than I do, can jump in here and help out with what's needed, staff-wise.

In the meantime, I think we should have another organizational meeting soon -- Tuesdays seemed to be best last time. Would that work now? Or is there another day/time that works for everyone? With the exception of Friday mornings when I'm teaching Python or evenings between, say 9 and 10:30 Pacific Time (when I'm putting together the newspaper for which I work), I'm pretty flexible. Weekends are good for me, too.

I'd like to be able to meet sometime soon -- before next Tuesday -- and get things going again. So let's start by seeing what we have so far so we know what we need to do going forward.

Larry Cafiero

Missoula LUG April 2009 Meeting

Thursday 4/2/09 6pm at Sean Kellys
Hope this goes to the front page :P

MissoulaLUG to rise from the ashes

Who: A gathering of those interested in forming and participating in a Missoula Linux Users Group.

When: Wednesday, September 5th, 2007 6:30PM

Where: Break Espresso 432 N Higgins Ave, Downtown Missoula

Why: To meet with, learn from, and share knowledge with other Linux users in the Missoula area, promote the use of Linux, and tell jokes.

Additional information at: Ubuntu Forums - Missoula users

Users of ALL distros are strongly encouraged to attend.

Note: This meeting will probably focus less on using Linux than it does on just the dull bureaucracy of getting the LUG off the ground. So, if you don't currently use Linux but are interested in doing so, you'll probably be more interested in watching out for meeting #2, possibly in early October, maybe earlier, or later. Honestly, we don't know yet.

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