Computers, a love hate relationship

Part one... Magic Jack

I haven't used the MagicJack my father sent to me in a few months. Last time I tried to use it Windows griped about "USB Device Not Recognized". I try it again and it tells me the same thing. I go to and search their knowledgebase... finding nothing... I decide to try their "live person" chat.

I hit level one. They basically verify I'm not an idiot and pass me on to level two. Level two has me delete a folder in "applications data" (Magic Jack is only for Windows and Mac)... and then touch about five different things in regedit.

BozemanLUG Video Profiles - NOT

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The meeting went well last night but as expected, no one wanted to do any member profile videos... but I did shoot the following video. You should be able to root through our member list and the pictures that are posted and identify most everyone. If you want the high quality Ogg Theora video, right-click and "Save Link As..." the following: bozemanlug-20081204.ogv

Bryan takes care of a baby?


I think this video speaks for itself.

Just in case you were wondering

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I think Lawrence Lessing does a great job with his explanation of why he is for Senator Obama... so much so, I'm sharing it.

Episode(s) of 30 Days

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I've seen every episode of the 30 Days series. While it has 2 seasons, each season was only 6 episodes. I thought that FX had decided to go for a 3rd season but I can't find any info on it.

This episode is for my brother-in-law and a friend in Great Falls... and anyone else who cares.

First episode of Firefly?

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There's some new service named hulu that seems to be backed by the bigwigs in Hollywood or something. Oddly enough, they are allowing for embedding of full episodes on user's websites and this is a test.

I've seen the entire Firefly series (part of a first season that was cut short by cancellation) and it is quite good. Enjoy this first episode.

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