LinuxFest Northwest 2010 Day 0

Warren Sanders, Paul Arnot and I arrived in Bellingham, WA pretty late. Warren drove up the night before and attended the BozemanLUG meeting. We left about 7:45 AM. Got to Missoula and stopped for breakfast at The Shack. Our good buddy psymin was there as was Franklin (I don't recall how to spell his handle) and we also got to meet sthon. psymin for the second year in a row paid for our meal. We really owe him some food if and when he ever makes it to Bozeman.

Stopped about 44 miles outside of Bellingham for dinner at some Janpanese fast food type place. I had the #32 which was grilled vegetables. Warren and Paul had something called "Bento boxes". It were good.

Finally made it to the Hampton Inn about 10 PM PDT. It was amazing that we actually made it there considering Warren didn't have any map or instructions for the trip and just decided why not just wing it. Amazingly I found our previous hotel from two years ago but Warren did have to consult Google Info for the street address of the Hotel and then was transfered to the hotel to ask for the highway exit number. There it is. We found it.

The weather? Getting lots of "Seattle area sunshine" which means rain.

Paul won't stop talking about Japan. I have lots of gas although less than in previous years. Paul said he didn't hear me snoring which both Warren and I have trouble believing.

Yeah, silly blog post but hey, it WAS day 0.

Charged up the digital still camera and the video camera... so I hope to get a lot of sharables today. I'm wearing my Fedora tee-shirt and hope to get a Fedora netbook skin because I AM running Fedora on my netbook.

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