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I listen to several audiocasts and the vast majority of them are Linux related. I often feel compelled to comment on topics that are interesting / important to me. I thought hey... always needs more content so why don't I start posting them here too? So here goes the one from today.

I watched the video stream of the raw recording for the Sunday Morning Linux Review episode 68. Embedded below. Note, they (mostly Mat) occasionally use "adult language".

My comments on the show:

Greetings again,

I started using Fedora 18 with the Alpha, and then shortly after the Beta was released I had switched to it on most of my personal systems (work, home). I run Fedora on desktops not servers.

Anyway... yeah the new installer was a big shock. I was horrified by it for probably a month... mainly because I was so used to the previous one and was a ninja at using it. Then when I realized I had to actually read the text on the screen and learn the new installer... and started doing so... it started making sense and it actually works well / fine. So far as I know the vast majority of complaints about the new installer and partitioning functionality in the Fedora 18 installer... are just people being resistant to change.

Some might ask if everyone liked the previous installer and were used to it, why did they change it? That is a rather complex question to answer but the Fedora people did blog about it and plan for a long time before doing it and they had very good reasons. I didn't spend a lot of time hunting down the exact links but this is a good starting point:

Those are anaconda related posts by Máirín Duffy who is a graphics designer who works for Red Hat who did all of the mock-ups along the way... and who blogged at length on the topic. You think I write a lot? I pale to her. :)

Regarding the feature proposal to make Cinnamon the default desktop environment for Fedora 19. That was a proposal but it'll NEVER fly. And in reality, who cares what the "default" desktop environment is as long as you can easily get what you want from other live media spins? The "installer only media" DVD lets you pick one or more desktop environments. Given the fact that there currently isn't a Cinnamon spin in Fedora... I'd say someone should start one first and get it going... before they start proposing making something default that doesn't exist.

Regarding Mat's comment that Richard Stallman should just go away... Everyday Linux also had a big rant against Richard Stallman in their most recent episode. I'm a big supporter of RMS but that doesn't mean I agree with everything he does or says... but all of this RMS hate needs to stop. A few developers left the FSF? Big deal. I'm sure it was a big deal for those developers and the software they were working on, but in the big scheme of things... this sort of thing happens all the time everywhere.

I've been listening to SMLR for about 6 months now and enjoy it greatly. Keep up the good work Tony, Mat and Mary!

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