BozemanGLUG: June 2020 Meeting (online)


The (online) June meeting is set for Thursday, June 4th.  The tentative plan is to do a video conference with Google Meet.  I'll post the URL for the meeting slightly before meeting time on the day of.

I can talk about a few things but I'm not sure what people might be more interested in... and I'd like to hear about any additional topics others might be willing to talk about.  Anyone?

1) The HPE Proliant Microserver Gen10 - I bought one recently and it is my new primary system at home. At the regular price these things aren't so great but there seems to be a good supply of "renewed" units for a super deal.

2) Dell G5 5090 budget gaming system - Also bought one of them but it is currently Windows-only.  It is the wife's new primary machine.  Her old computer went to the younger son and now it's Linux-only.  I booted the new system from a live Fedora thumbdrive and all of the hardware works except for some reason it couldn't see the NVMe drive.

3) The dolphin-emu Nintendo Gamecube emulator... the younger son asked about it so I installed it on his new-to-him Linux machine and darn it, it works pretty well.

4) I installed Proxmox VE's latest / new release (6.2) on my aging Dell PowerEdge R710.  I put in quite a bit of time learning the environment in its most basic form... directory storage for qcow2 images (no ZFS, Ceph nor other advanced storage methods tried), and it works pretty darn well.  My main complaint about PVE in the past was related to minimal support for SPICE and audio.  PVE now supports SPICE really well.  I have not yet set up a cluster but hopefully will do that at work RSN.  They wrote their own cluster software and it is supposedly dead simple to setup.  Live migration of KVM VMs without requiring shared storage is supposedly a thing. Offline migration of containers too.  I haven't done a lot of work with the LXC containers PVE provides but it does seem to work quite nicely and will most likely be my replacement for OpenVZ if the upcoming OpenVZ 8 release doesn't wow me.

5) Raspberry Pi 4 8GB model announced - $75.  Includes a new 64-bit flavor of the OS renamed Raspberry Pi OS.  I don't have one but we can discuss.

6) MiSTer Project updates - The Capcom CPS1 core is out of private beta and has been freely released to the public.  That's about 40 additional arcade cab games from the early to mid-90s all from Capcom with the most popular being the Street Fighter II series. It'll probably be integrated into the default MiSTer Project software in the next release or two.  They added support for the PC Engine CD / TurboGRAFX CD.  Someone is working on a new X68000 core, not sure what was wrong with the existing X68000 core.  I don't recall if I already mentioned it but a new Atari ST core was released a couple of months ago and it is great.  Anyhoo...