Membership and Members List

The BozemanGLUG is a rather informal group without any type of formal membership.

Partial Member List
Paul Arnot (periodic)
David Boreham (mostly mailing list, great presentation about once a year)
Gary Bummer (regular)
Scott Dowdle (regular)
David Eder (regular)
Derek Hildreth (newer)
Kevin Locke (semi-regular, lives in Helena area now)
Charles McGuire (rarely, lives outside of Butte)
Walter Neary (rarely, lives in Manhattan)
Patrick Pitman
Rob Potter (pretty darn regular now)
Daniel Simser (rarely)
Ben Sutter (new visitor, hopefully regular soon)
Daniel Wilson (rarely)

Honorary Members
Anish Babu Bharata (MSU graduate)
Martin Bourque (works for MSU ITC)
Lou Caudell (moved to Florida?)
Chris Ching (moved to Helena)
Rusty Conover (still working in Bozeman area?)
Srinivas Prasad Gumdelli (MSU graduate who moved to Omaha)
Seth Humphries
Levi Junkert (living in CA now)
Randall Reynolds (MSU graduate)
Sheldon Ross (moved to Helena)
Warren Sanders (Billings)
Jordan Schatz (moved to the Seattle area?)
Jeffrey Sharkey (works for Google in CA now)
Rich Shattuck (works for MSU ITC)
Mike Stone (moved to the Denver area)

Inactive Members
Lisa Bogar (works for MSU ITC)

Posthumous Members
Edward Dunagin
Ken Dyke (founder)