Hardware Failure

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 21:48

The physical server hosting the virtual machine that MontanaLinux.org was running on had a complete hardware failure.  It appears the motherboard failed.  While we believe the original hard disks are intact (even if they aren't, we have a fairly recent complete backup) getting everything back up will be a bit time consuming.  This site is mostly back up but the files directory will take a while to sync so some of the videos may not be available for a while.

I'm temporarily running the site on a Digital Ocean droplet until we get another physical host in place.  I have a spare in Belgrade but I have to get it to Warren in Billings.  If we can just transplant the RAM and drives, that'll be great.  If we have to setup a new system from scratch and then restore from backup, that's going to be a bit more work.  old.montanalinux.org and mail.montanalinux.org (Zimbra) will probably remain down until we get the physical system fully migrated.  Yeah, that sucks.  Sorry.

Update:  The site is fully syned now.
Update 2:  old.montanalinux.org and mail.montanalinux.org were up as of late last night (Wednesday, 3/13/19).
Update 3: Got everything moved to BudgetVM.  It's a KVM VM running OpenVZ Legacy with a handful containers each with their own IP address.  I had it all setup and they accidentally reinstalled the OS on top of it... so I got three months free.  Yeah.