LFNW 2019: What Presentations Are You Going to Attend?

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 10:51

Looking over the fine list of presentations  and events for LinuxFest Northwest 2019, here are my preliminary picks for which ones I want to attend.  Since there are several at any given time slot, there are quite a few more I'd like to see but... conflicts.  I hope they record the presentations and post them in a timely fashion.

    9:30  - CC-208 - UEFI Boot for Mere Mortals
    10:45 - CC-115 - Linux Container Primitives
    1:00  - CC-200 - The Current State of Free and Open Source Software in Public Education
    2:15  - CC-115 - A DevOps State of Mind: Continous Security with Kubernetes
    3:30  - CC-115 - A DevOps State of Mind: Managing Microserves and Databases with Kubernetes

    9:30  - CC-236 - The Fight for a Secure Linux BIOS... Past, Present and Future
   10:45  - G-103  - Sex, Secret and God: A Brief History of Bad Passwords
   12:30  - CC-200 - Deep Dive into firecracker-containerd
    1:45  - G-103  - "Just don't buy it"
    3:00  - G-103  - Q&A: Past, Present & Future

Unfortunately, what sometimes happens is that at the last minute things get shuffled around some and then you have to adjust.  We'll see how it works out this year.

Folks going this year include: Gary Bummer, Rob Potter, Warren Sanders and myself.  Anyone else interested in attending?  We probably have room for one more.