Videos: Red Hat Summit 2017

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 10:20

A significant number of Red Hat Summit 2017 presentation videos  and breakout sessions (all of them?) have been posted to YouTube.  Four presentation themes emerged for me: 1) OpenShift / containers / microservices, 2) Java related stuff, 3) Ceph and/or Gluster filesystems, and 4) Microsoft products on Linux (SQL Server, .Net, etc).

Some people aren't too happy nor trustful of Microsoft's whole, "we love open source" mantra but given the fact that 1/3rd of Azure is Linux VMs and they have been porting more and more things to Linux including several open source products, I give them some credit.

Below I embedded the one on SQL Server on RHEL and OpenShift.  Enjoy.

Update: Scanning through a significant number of the videos I notice that the vast majority of presenters are using Mac laptops running Mac OS X.  There are small handful of HP laptops and others... and some are running RHEL... but even the RHEL users are mostly using Google Chrome browser.  Pretty disappointing.  The "Red Hat Development Suite" presenter was using Windows 10.