Video: MiSTer FPGA Sega Saturn devel core looking great

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Fri, 07/14/2023 - 19:28

I need to give this one (the work-in-progress Sega Saturn core) a try but so far I haven't.  Looks pretty darn good.  I'm sure there is still a lot of work left but the progress made thus far looks very promising.  I've been subscribed to the developer's patreon (<a href="https://discord.com/channels/647909397477195803/806644464834969640/1047355308210671666">Srg320</a>) for well over a year and I hope he is making a reasonable living from all of the work he has put in.  He has made a number of impressive cores for the MiSTer FPGA.  Big thanks to Video Game Esoterica putting the video together.  He does good work too.  Enjoy!

Video: M92 MiSTer FPGA core and IREM hardware architecture

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Thu, 05/25/2023 - 09:04

Artemio Urbina talks to Martin Donlon (aka Wickerwaka) about the MiSTer FPGA, Irem M92 (and M72) Arcade hardware, how video is handled in arcade boards, how MDfourier was used to check audio by him for the core, how M.A.M.E. helps during development and much, much more.   Enjoy!


Video: MiSTer FPGA in 2022...

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Thu, 03/31/2022 - 10:11

YouTube entity My Life in Gaming has come out with a comprehensive/long video covering the MiSTer FPGA and how it is had a major impact in the retro gaming industry.  Enjoy!

The video is over 2.5 hours but luckily they do have an index for skipping over and directly accessing whatever might interest you the most.

Video: MiSTercade Review

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Sat, 01/01/2022 - 19:47

I have a USB-based two-player arcade-style controller but I really would like something in a traditional stand-up arcade cabinet form-factor.  Ideally, it'd be a JAMMA cabinet.  MiSTer Addons designed and is selling (currently sold-out) the MiSTercade that allows you to plug the DE10-Nano board into it and then just put it in a JAMMA cabinet and it should "just work".  Buyers are just starting to get their units from the first production run and reviews are starting to come in.  They sure look nice.  Enjoy!