Like a Child

Forgot to bring lunch today from home and was left without my backup stock of Ramen Noodles. Running low on cash I decided to head to Wendy's or to some of our cohorts "Wenchies". I slapped down the Discover card as a means to get by. This time of the year I seem to always fall into the rut of waiting until the last moments to make those special purchases our loved ones "expect" of us to achieve. But I digress... that isn't what todays post is about.

Today I was reminded of one of Jesus' stories about what it takes to be welcomed into the kingdom of Heaven in Matthew and Luke. As I sat eating my lunch I was reminded of this because I saw this man there who I see there all the time. He wears a watch on both wrists and loves to clap his hands out of joy as he reaches over his head. To many he is a nuisance and move away; to others they ignore and still others watch as if at the zoo. But I thought that this man; like the classroom of children visiting there for lunch today, didn't really care much about what others were thinking of him. To think what we could accomplish if we only were like a child who does not worry about what others think. As adults we tend to hold back answering a question in front of an audience for fear of screwing up. He seems so innocent as he should because he is in the eyes of God.

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